Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SARS Spurs Creativity

So I've been home for the past 2 days sick, the first of which I was truly "down and out" as evidenced by not being able to complete any fun/crafty tasks. Putting larger dents in the couch cushions was all I accomplished on day #1. Apparently, I have contracted SARS from my friend's baby that we visited last week. She has also given it to her father. If only I had worn my Peter Sarsgaard SARS guard, I would not be in this predicament.

Day #2 showed some improvement, and I continued working on a quilted baby blanket for a friend at work, as well as my first paper bag scrapbook. I really needed to complete the baby blanket for tomorrow which was a realistic goal, until I made the trip to Jo-Ann's only to find that they had no quilt binding in a color or quantity that I could use. I really wish there was more than one supplier for that type of stuff here. It's so frustrating that my craftiness depends on a Jo-Ann's store that is poorly stocked. So I'm not quite sure what will become of the baby blanket as this friend is moving out of town after finishing out this week at work. I guess I'll just be really prepared the next time a friend is having a baby. The paper bag scrapbook is coming along quite nicely. I plan on posting some pictures of it after I get some of the details finished.

Recently I have been finding really cool projects that I would like to try on other blogs, so I'm going to start posting links here to share with you and to keep a list for myself to remember too. The first project I found was through the Craft magazine website, but linked to and is a tutorial for Linen Pear Sachets.

Hope you enjoy the link!

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HomeMadeOriginals said...

I have the same problem with limited craft selections in my town. Hope you are feeling better! Thanks for visiting my blog.