Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Death Of David Bowie

One of the first shops I stumbled upon and hearted on Etsy was Whipped Creamations by seller pinkkrystals. I was drawn in initally by her "Say Cheeseburger" Purse, but once I entered the shop, I discovered that the cute factor was insane! In addition to specially made ice cream sundaes, there were food-inspired wristlet purses, and adorable crocheted play food for your little ones to enjoy. I seem to be fascinated with faux food and it seems that a lot of other Etsians are sharing that same fascination. I hope you enjoy perusing Whipped Creamations as much as I have!

On a personal note, my computer was pronounced dead last night by our repair tech. RIP David Bowie 2006-2008. Yeah, I'm weird. I named my computer. Anyway, today I call the warranty company to request replacement since they have been unable to repair it since the 2nd of May with 3 repair attempts. I could not believe my ears when they informed me that my computer had to be "down" 30 days (it's now been 27) in order for them to approve replacement. Now mind you, there is nothing else they can do to attempt to repair it, but they are making me wait an additional 3 days until they even start to consider replacing it. When I told them this was simply unacceptable, I was told in a courteous and professional manner that it didn't matter that I was unhappy, I just had to suck it! When I inquired how long it would take after my additional 3-day waiting period to be approved, they told me it usually takes 5 days to find a comparable replacement and then another 5 to arrange for shipping. So essentially, I'm out for at least another 2 weeks....6 weeks total since it fell ill. I am happy that I don't have to pay to buy a new computer, but very unhappy with the promptness of repair provided by the policy that I paid sweet, sweet dollars to purchase to protect myself! Aaarrrgh!


Tizzalicious said...

Yay for faux food!

Anonymous said...

Not a very nice title for a blog post no matter what you named your computer.