Friday, February 8, 2013

Cole Craziness

Been ages since I updated.  Terrible 2' we come!  Even with the frustrations of a child that you know perfectly well can hear you saying no and refuses to look at you, acting like they are deaf, it's all worth it.  Reading Goodnight Moon (the "night, night" book according to Cole), listening to him giggle while I sing Wheels on the Bus, and rocking him to sleep just a few of my favorite things.

Being lazy on a weekend

Taking advantage of some nice winter weather


He looks like he was caught off-guard!

He has many hoes in different area codes.

Happy boy at Sesame Street Live

He's so proud making me wear my slipper on my head
Cole's Lego block Halloween costume for 2012 and Daddy

One and only smiley Santa pic 2012

Modeling Mommy's rain boots

How cute in his little snowsuit and boots!
Recent milestone--1st peepee on the potty on Feb 2nd.  It was unplanned but a joyous occasion.  Usually he just sits there, gets a square of toilet paper, and then has a blast flushing, but this time.....peepee!!

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