Saturday, May 12, 2012

Holy Moly Cole is 1!

One year ago, Jeff and I had no idea that our son was about to be born.  We wouldn't even meet him for another 3 days.  But my oh my how he has changed!  Here are a few pics from his first days home. 
The very first glimpse we had of our little man.
The night he came home to us.
The first day home.  (Look at that skinny ankle!)
And one year later, my oh my how things have changed! I'll let the pictures tell that story! 

Hey, I know what this's delicious!
Deliciously squishable!
These were taken about a month before his 1st birthday.  He can now power-walk, nearly run from us!
Splish splash!

Look at those pearly whites!

My mom says Cole doesn't stand a chance with parents like us as far as being "normal".  Shall we submit this as exhibit A?

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