Saturday, April 4, 2009

Don't Get Eliminated!!

I love elimination dinners. I realize after all of my Vegas posts and now 2 elimination dinners, I probably look like I have a gambling problem, but we really don't do these things often. It's just been a banner year for gambling! Just in case anyone reading does have a gambling problem...please follow this link.For those of you that don't know what an elimination dinner is, let me explain. Usually only 200 tickets are sold for the event. You pay for your ticket which includes dinner and drinks for two. There is a board with all 200 ticket numbers posted and then throughout the evening numbers are drawn and....yep....eliminated! If you are the last number standing you win a major award. Going rate around here is $1000. Also included in the dinners are various other schemes to milk any extra dollars you have hanging around right out of your wallet. Tip boards (also called fish bowls in some places), 50/50 drawing, 200th ticket raffle, chances on donated prizes, really just about any gambling gig you can dream up can be run at these things. This most recent dinner was to benefit the local Lion's Club. My husband, Lion Jeff, is a member and I know it's for a good cause so I don't mind spending the extra dough!
The most fantastic prize of the evening, hands down, was the gift certificate that the Nelson's received in their prize pack from a raffle. I guess spell check doesn't pick up on things this hilarious! Apparently, there's a new gig in town. Not only is the restaurant name spelled incorrectly, but the name of the town is Sabraton.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Climbing the Slippery Rock

We finally made it up to Slippery Rock to visit my little sis during her freshman year. It was a surprisingly quick and easy trip only taking us 2 hours on the interstate to get there. It made me feel a bit guilty that I hadn't taken the time to do it sooner. The campus is much like any other, although a bit more spread out. Their claim to fame seems to be their new residential dorm suites, which Courtney got lucky enough to get into.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the sweet deal her and her roommate have there. I had to walk down the hall to use the bathroom that I shared with all the other girls on the floor. When someone brushed their teeth or flushed you got scalded by the steaming water. When I got sick at the end of my first semester and thought I had the flu, the thought of trudging down the hall to be sick in a disgusting toilet made me want to puke just thinking about it.

We went to lunch at a local bar called Ginger Hill Tavern. After that we went to the Grove City Outlets and did a little shopping. There was a great candy store there called Fuzziwigs that had all kinds of candy that I haven't seen in years. We spent more than a few pennies there stocking up on our faves.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mixing Madness

A few of my latest projects for my Etsy shop have been stand mixer covers. It might not be a hot "it" item, but it is something that is needed if you plan to leave your mixer setting out on the counter and don't plan to wash it weekly. It also fits in with my growing theme of household items in my shop.I had to search high and low when I wanted to purchase a cover for my beloved silver Kitchen Aid mixer. When I did finally find a store that had them in stock the only color choices were black and white. How boring! Well, now I have found a pattern by Random Revelations that has solved that dilemma. So far I have 2 for sale in my shop, but plan to do many more. I just think they are so fun! I want to make a zillion for my own mixer and "dress it" in different outfits. Yeah, I'm a little off if you haven't already figured that one out!