Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mixing Madness

A few of my latest projects for my Etsy shop have been stand mixer covers. It might not be a hot "it" item, but it is something that is needed if you plan to leave your mixer setting out on the counter and don't plan to wash it weekly. It also fits in with my growing theme of household items in my shop.I had to search high and low when I wanted to purchase a cover for my beloved silver Kitchen Aid mixer. When I did finally find a store that had them in stock the only color choices were black and white. How boring! Well, now I have found a pattern by Random Revelations that has solved that dilemma. So far I have 2 for sale in my shop, but plan to do many more. I just think they are so fun! I want to make a zillion for my own mixer and "dress it" in different outfits. Yeah, I'm a little off if you haven't already figured that one out!


Anonymous said...

I envy your mixer.

TMCPhoto said...

I love the pink and black creation. I wish I had a mixer to dress up too.