Friday, April 3, 2009

Climbing the Slippery Rock

We finally made it up to Slippery Rock to visit my little sis during her freshman year. It was a surprisingly quick and easy trip only taking us 2 hours on the interstate to get there. It made me feel a bit guilty that I hadn't taken the time to do it sooner. The campus is much like any other, although a bit more spread out. Their claim to fame seems to be their new residential dorm suites, which Courtney got lucky enough to get into.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the sweet deal her and her roommate have there. I had to walk down the hall to use the bathroom that I shared with all the other girls on the floor. When someone brushed their teeth or flushed you got scalded by the steaming water. When I got sick at the end of my first semester and thought I had the flu, the thought of trudging down the hall to be sick in a disgusting toilet made me want to puke just thinking about it.

We went to lunch at a local bar called Ginger Hill Tavern. After that we went to the Grove City Outlets and did a little shopping. There was a great candy store there called Fuzziwigs that had all kinds of candy that I haven't seen in years. We spent more than a few pennies there stocking up on our faves.


HeartOnSleeveArt said...

looks like so much fun !

Unknown said...

Sounds fun!!

Random: Your aprons are so cute, and Soy Frog made me smile. :D

I like fun blogs. Yours is fun.
It's too late for me to write coherent comments, but I'm trying to catch up on all the blogs I said I would read on that Etsy thread I started.

Thanks for leaving your link!!


Tina said...

They get their own bathrooms?! What the heck! When I went away to college years ago - my situation was much like yours! Scolding or arctic frozen water!