Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Snuggies Are Fantabulous!

This year for Easter I received from my loving, albeit smart-assed husband, a Snuggie. We have laughed at the commercials for hours on end as well as the remixed version on YouTube. I swore that I would never wear something so ridiculous looking, but as you can see I've had to eat my words. The weird thing is that it is actually a pretty cool little hybrid. Yeah, I realize it's just a backwards robe without a belt, but so what? The crafty part of my brain is already thinking of ways to improve upon this fantastic invention. The fleece is a bit on the thin side, and the sleeves are waaaay too long for me. JoAnn fabric just might need to watch out for large purchases of cute print fleeces in the near future with some snuggilicious Christmas gifts!


Kim Caro said...

oh------ is that how you wear a snuggie. i was wearing it the wrong way and thought it was so lame now i get it when its too hot

Erika said...

OMG- I just cried in laughter! That Youtube video was so f*#king funny!
I love that your husband bought you that!