Saturday, October 25, 2008

Turning 30

On the 23rd of this month, I turned 30. I never imagined myself to be someone who would be bothered by age until I got closer to my first "non-fun" milestone birthday. Sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one...all of those are fun and exciting. What's fun about 30? I know that 30 isn't old by any stretch of the imagination, but it does mean that I am getting older. I did have a great day and celebrated in style eating at a local Italian joint with a group of friends and then hanging out at the house watching the Mountaineers beat Auburn (yea!) and eating cake. I got a new digital camera, which was much appreciated as our current one was limping along. On a hilarious note, I received a GT Xpress 101 cooker by Cathy Mitchell. If you haven't seen the infomercial, I highly recommend it. It will mesmerize you! It comes with a recipe book guessed it...101 recipes. And a nylon spatula to remove all of the culinary delights you create! I have informed all of our friends that the next dinner will be cooked exclusively on my GT Xpress 101.

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Amber D. Mcnabb said...

I'm 34. I think I felt really young and still "growing up" until I hit 30. So far I think 30-40 feels like you're hanging in limbo. Not too young, not too old. I believe 40 might be the mightstone that might make me say...."whoa wait a minute"