Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Official!

After having my Etsy shop open since April, I have finally moved into the real world and fashioned myself an actual business card! I have not really promoted much amongst my friends and family due to the fact that I didn't feel professional enough. Well, watch out baby because here I come. I also just recently had my first request for a large order based on merchandise I had listed in my shop. And I've sold a few items within the past month. Things are definitely looking up for me. When I started out, I decided it was just for fun and if it ever turned into anything more that would be fabulous. I'm still a long way off from it turning into anything more, but it's still an exciting prospect. It'd be nice to have enough income from my craftiness to cut back my hours at my day job by one day a week. That is my ultimate goal at this time.

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tscrapper said...

Congrats on the big order and the new business cards!