Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Whee!! I'm 3!!

Cole has been growing so fast!  My favorite things about him now are:

1.  He told me I'm his best friend.  "You my best friend mom."
2.  He says "Can I (insert item or activity here) seese (please)?  When I say yes, he responds with "Thanks Mom, you're the best!"
3.  He randomly gives me hugs and kisses and tells me he loves me.

Do we have a future leader on our hands?  He certainly is a charmer!
Cole's picture from daycare in October 2013.

Helping Mommy make pumpkin pies Thanksgiving 2013.

Getting worn out from all the holiday festivities.

Don't be distracted by the smile...get a load of the red eyes he gave 'Ol Jake the Pirate in the background!!

This turd bird loves his trucks and balls and dirt, but give him a pair of princess heels and he'll strut his stuff!

This pic taken less than 5 minutes after he said, "I'm not tired, Mom."

Celebrating Miss Josie's 4th birthday with her at Chuck E. Cheese!

Christmas day all decked out in his new snow gear.

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