Monday, June 6, 2011

Custom Toddler Quilt

My friend asked me to make her 2-year-old a quilt with fabrics she chose from Moda's Frolic by Sandy Gervais line for her new "big girl" bed.  I love to do custom quilts and don't get the opportunity very often (they are a bit time-consuming, so probably a good thing!)  Since my quilting experience is limited, we decided on using charm packs to do the design layout.  Mom chose the coordinating sashing, binding, and backing colors.  The goal was to be girly without going pink and purple.  I think this fabric line accomplished the goal beautifully!

Since doing my very first quilt, there has always been some type of applique, usually done as the quilt tag, but sometimes just for fun.  It's kind of my signature now when doing a quilt.  Here's a little secret...if you're not the perfect quilter (and who is?) appliques are a great way to cover up mistakes where things just don't match up perfectly or turn out like you expect them to.  Yes, I know a seasoned quilter would probably cringe when reading this, but it's how I roll!  And so far, the results have turned out super cute each time and add to the charm of the finished quilt.  I think it makes them unique and special.


Mountain Mama said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person! Thank you!

bilmoko deals said...

so beautiful.