Monday, August 24, 2009 Ramona! (The Early Years)

Ramona came to live with Jeff and myself way back in the day in July of 1999. She was seen jumping from the window of a car in the Wal*Mart parking lot where I worked as a courtesy desk girl. It was hot and many customers expressed concerned for her saftey on the 90 degree+ day out on the pavement. Someone had purchased her a bottle of water and put the cap down for her to drink a bit. She seemed tame enough, so I picked her up and brought her inside and put her behind the desk to call animal control.

Since it was Friday, no one at animal control was available. I decided to take her home just until her owner called to claim her. As sweet as she was, I was certain that someone would call distraught over the fact that they had lost her. The call never came. We drove to the shelter with her in our car, but I was already in love. Ramona was meant to be a part of our family.


Mountain Mama said...

Love the Ramona story! I didn't know that was how she found her way into your lives. I have been meaning to tell you...Someone said something to Braylon about the pic of him and Charlie on his blog and he said "Yeah, he is so cute. And he has a sister dog named Ramona...she is soooo beautiful!"

Angie said... are raising the sweetest little man ever! I think Ramona's a bit verklempt. No one has ever called her beautiful!