Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Me and My Crafty Mommy

My creativity seems to go in spurts, or should I say during times when I'm not bogged down by other life committments. Well, over the 4th of July weekend, I had a few extra days off that led to some new and some tried-and-true recreations of previous designs I have done. I also received a box from my mom with her new-found addiction...crocheted bath poufs. I have to make fun of her though because when she first started making them she called them "pouf" like it rhymed with "woof". So of course, I teased her relentlessly about them, and we have to joke about it every time we refer to them. So here are some of my latest creations as well as my mom's "poufs"!

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Tahni Candelaria said...

i LOVE the bumble bee! so cute!