Monday, March 30, 2009

Viva Las Vegas--Part II

For part two of my Vegas series, I decided to feature my favorite hotel/casino we visited, the Bellagio. While I have seen all of the Ocean's movies, this is not why I loved the Bellagio so much. It was simply gorgeous! It is also home to a Tiffany's, which is any girls' favorite store. The fountains out front "perform" every 15 minutes from 8pm to sometime around midnight, and every half hour or hour during the day. We saw a show during the day, which was nice, but nothing compared to how beautiful it is at night. The show was just starting in the picture above.The decor inside the hotel was unlike any other we visited while in Vegas. The picture above has to be one of my favorites that I took during the whole trip. They are floral umbrellas suspended from a domed ceiling along the halls leading to the lobby. The picture below is what the view behind the check-in desk looks like.Just beyond the lobby and check-in desk was a huge indoor garden area. The floral scent was intoxicating. There were various water fountains, hundreds of tulips and spring flowers in bloom, a zen garden, an all-glass greenhouse that contained all sorts of flowers and butterflies fluttering around. There were also sculptural pieces using flowers, like the snail photo below.Jeff had to take a stab at his take on an artful photo. I think he did a pretty good job with the unusual lighting that was being cast onto this patch of cosmos.I commented that the next time we go to Vegas, I definitely want to stay at the Bellagio. I'm sure it's not cheap based on its' enormity and beauty, but I'd sacrifice some other luxuries for a chance to stay at this gorgeous establishment.


Invitations and Such said...

I have never been to Vegas but it looks beautiful. Something to save for!

Anonymous said...

Those umbrellas were really nice. I appreciate the nice comments about my blog as well! :)

Jacaranda Designs Jewelry said...

The hotel looks wonderful. I love the photo of the umbrella. I've never been to Vegas but would love to. My sister is heading there in a few weeks for a long weekend.