Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Cubicle Decorating Contest

I am sad that I did not get to post this much earlier in the season, but alas, my damned appendix had to go rogue and make things difficult. I figure that anyone that has to stare at lovely cubicle walls all day should appreciate the pics even if they are a bit late.

In order to spruce up our spaces this year and take away a bit of the monotony, I decided to sponsor a cubicle decorating contest. I really just wanted people to go crazy and over the top for a little friendly competition. I typed up some rules and a sign-up sheet in November listing 3 possible categories to enter into:
1. Great Griswold Christmas Cubicle.
2. Funky and Festive Christmas Cubicle.
3. Classy Christmas Cubicle (for those who couldn't handle the glare and funk!).

Overall, we had 7 entries (it's a small office), and Miranda came up with the fantastic idea of getting a Dundee-type award for the prizes. We used a local trophy shop and had 3 small trophies made, which unfortunately, I did not take pictures of. The shop did a fantastic job on them though. I have mine (I won the Classy Christmas Cubicle award) proudly displayed on my desk for all to view and lust after. I was hoping that having them displayed prominently would encourage a bit more fierce competition in '09.

*Top photo-Dwight's Cubicle
*2 photos to right-Bobbie's Cubicle and winner of the Great Griswold Christmas Cubicle 2008!
*4th photo down on left-Miranda's Cubicle and winner of the Festive & Funky Christmas Cubicle 2008!
*5th photo down on left-Michelle's Cubicle/Desk Area and my personal favorite
*6th photo down on left-Melinda's Cubicle
*Photo below-Cindi's Cubicle...and she made fun of me for having too much time on my hands!
*Missing-photo of Angie's Cubicle winner of Classy Christmas Cubicle 2008! I am searching for a photo as I think someone in the office has to have one. I was laid up in the hospital at the time of judging and photo shoot.


Parallax Photo said...

This is great. I wish my office had thought of this. Maybe next year...

Unknown said...

great pics and great idea...I feel your pain with the appendix

Unknown said...

nopylicThis is a riot! It brought back fond memories of years ago when two rows of cubicles in our bland one-story sprawling office had a decorating competition. It became an island of lights and color in the middle of a beige warehouse that grew brighter everyday. The president even sponsored a voting contest with prizes, just to end it without seeming to be a scrooge.

I am currently putting together a Christmas DVD of the best decorations around the US. Though we may end up limiting it to outdoors, I would love to consider a few of these photos. Any chance you could get me the contact info so I could acquire permission? The website for entries is along with my contact info.

Keep up the great contest. I love it!!!!!


Angie said...

Mary, just email me.

Unknown said...

Good ideas you have here. This will help you become more productive. I'm sure this'll be nice for my office in Tower One and Exchange Plaza. Thanks for sharing!