Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sock Monkey Sock Hop

I know that I may be in the minority, but I have never owned a sock monkey. I vaguely remember my great grandma having one at her house that I may have played with many moons ago. One of my coworkers had asked if I could make some "funky" sock monkeys for her 2 boys for Christmas. I found a great online tutorial at Craftbits.com that was super informative and easy to follow. I figured I had to be able to do it when I started to read all the comments about kids and people who had no sewing experience whatsoever having great results with the instructions. I found the perfect socks at Target. Three pairs of knee high socks for $6.99. I chose the most traditional looking pair for my first attempt which I show here in this post. Sock monkey #2 is still being formulated in my secret lab. I think he will be much funkier than his older brother.

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